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Meet Vampirix, our new transylvanian game, available now on android devices!

Vampirix is a multiplayer casual real time strategy game developed in real Transylvania. It’s an old school like game, with build and fight strategies, with resources, armies and economy.

There are monthly rounds. You harvest these little red creatures, vampirix, from various buildings. They’re not really vampires, but are related to Dracula. You also get scientists that keep the creatures under control. With your armies you attack other players or public places where you may get artifacts and potions. Strategy is the most important.


There a complex economy inside the game. Your buildings produce money and there is also a market for free trade of artifacts and potions. You have to know what you want when you upgrade your buildings. If you feel like it is important to gather money quickly, you should invest in money producing building. If you need a vampirix boost, go for the mainly vampirix producing buildings. There are different strategies for different moments of the round.

Artifacts and Potions

Artifacts and potions are very important, because they give you production bonuses. Raid public places to find the magic items and gather as much as you can. The more powerful artifacts and potions you have, the more you may boost your resource productions. A special potion is very important, the Purple Flame, as it protects you from attacks from other players.

Win coins

There are also some contests in the game and the prizes are gold coins. There is also a good Trivia non stop game where you may also win coins if you answer first and correctly. Use your coins to buy advantages.

Ask for advice

There is a global chat window, because this is a multiplayer game, where you may see things that happen in the world of vampirix and share impressions or just talk. Seek your allies this way.

Get the most vampirix

Your purpose is to have the most vampirix at the end of the round to win it. You can obtain vampirix in two ways: production and battle. Almost all buildings you own will give you some vampirix, per hour, because they are drawn to places of stress, tension and work. You may also get vampirix from other players, by attacking them.

Vampirix originated in Transylvania.

Legends say some eons ago, Dracula caught some weird flu and started sneezing. He sneezed for an entire day and could hardly sleep at all. He sneezed all over the place. The next night, as he woke up tired, he noticed all around him some weird little red creatures with vampire teeth. Those were the first vampirix. Apparently, he sneezed on some things that became alive or just transformed some living things into these little creatures. The full origin of vampirix is still a mystery. Even for Dracula. But he likes them. And they like him.
Now, you may find them all over the world. If you know where and how to look. There are many types of vampirix, but that is another story to tell.

– Real time game
– Play with other players from all over the world
– Every round lasts a month
– There are prizes at the end of each round
– Read more about vampirix and their Transylvanian origin
– Game was made in real Transylvania
– Artifacts and potions based on legends you know

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