About Us

Transylvanian style

🌃 We work at night, because we are from Transylvania 🙂 Although Dracula is not related to us, he comes from time to time for a chat.

Open to new projects

👀 We’re mainly working at our projects right now, but we may consider new ideas if they are interesting.

Early classic roots

💨 We’ve created a lot of small websites in the beginning, more than 20 years ago. We then switched to our own projects like games and news reading solutions.

Management Solutions

💰 We also created personalized integrated solutions for business management. Meaning we created systems for online management of billing, orders, inventory, work flow, shipping and other business related dependencies.

Focus on apps

🌕 Our main focus right now is app developing for us and for some very important clients.

See more

👉 You may also check the list of apps approved on Google Play.

Our details

We are based in Transylvania, Romania, Europe


Parnica-Chescu Laurentiu-Adrian P.F.A.

VAT Number

RO 39476604

Romanian Fiscal Ids

CUI: 27190772 | Nr. Reg. Com: F32/898/2010

Company Address

Praga street No. 9, Sibiu, Romania



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